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Estate Planning

Effective estate planning takes time, thoughtful consideration, and a good attorney. When completed, your plan will allow your family peace of mind, avoiding the delay, possible misunderstandings, and needless expense that often occurs when a loved one dies without a Will or Living Trust. Once you have taken care of your family’s needs, your consideration for a bequest to Tibetan Aid Project would be deeply appreciated.

How do I include the Tibetan Aid Project in my Will or Living Trust?

The most common way people remember the Tibetan Aid Project in a Will or Living Trust is through a charitable bequest. You do not have to rewrite your current documents. You simply add an amendment, called a codicil, to your Will or Living Trust.

Why does the Tibetan Aid Project need planned gifts?

Gifts from individuals, including bequests from estates, can help to ensure TAP’s future. These gifts are not subject to a fluctuating economy. They come from individuals committed to TAP’s mission and are needed to build TAP’s endowment, the income from which will provide a reliable source of ongoing support to TAP for years to come. They also can provide a lasting tribute to donors, honoring their names and the names of their loved ones perpetually.     

“It makes me happy to include the Tibetan Aid Project in my estate planning because I have witnessed their remarkable work in developing and supporting important Tibetan cultural preservation projects.  I have seen firsthand the results of their work in my travels to Tibet and India and I feel confident that my gift will be used wisely and efficiently, given the selfless dedication and mindful caring of the staff.”

Victoria Riskin 
Wheel of Dharma Society Member

“For over 30  years the Tibetan Aid Project has helped with printing and distributing the sacred texts of Tibet. For over 50 years they have been supporting Tibetan Culture. That’s why I included a bequest to TAP in my will.  I agree with them when they say that the preservation of the Tibetan Buddhist teachings not only benefits Tibetans, but all of Humanity.”

Mark Henderson
Wheel of Dharma Society Member

If you are considering including Tibetan Aid Project in your estate planning and would like more information, please contact us at and insert Estate Planning in the Subject Line. We would be happy to talk with you about the possibilities for becoming a member of the Wheel of Dharma Society. 

With your help, we can keep this wisdom tradition alive for the benefit of all humanity.

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