Donor Privacy Policy

1. Collecting Personal Information

Tibetan Aid Project collects and manages information about our donors for several reasons:

  1. To keep in touch with our supporters via newsletters, annual campaign letters, and other correspondence.
  2. To identify our sources of funding and keep track of their donation histories.
  3. To differentiate those who do not wish to be solicited by our organization.
  4. To acknowledge receipt of a donation.
  5. To recognize those who have supported our organization.
  6. To carry out any other activities necessary and appropriate for a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

The information recorded by the Tibetan Aid Project may include, but is not limited to: names, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, donation histories, work info, and other affiliations.

All personal information recorded by the Tibetan Aid Project is either voluntarily given by the donor, or provided through public records (such as IRS Form 990 or the Foundation Center Directory).

2. Storing Information

Information about our donors is stored in our secure GiftWorks database. Only Tibetan Aid Project staff and board members can access personal information about our donors.

Occasionally, hard copies of specific lists of donors with contact information and donor histories may be generated from our GiftWorks database. These hard copies of information will be stored in secure areas of the Tibetan Aid Project office and will be destroyed after use.

For specific groups of donors, separate spreadsheets with contact and other related information may be made available for use by staff, board members, and consultants. These groups include Taste & Tribute attendees, Treasures of Wisdom Campaign, Jambhala Circle, Community of 1000 Blessings, and the Wheel of Dharma Society. Participation in these groups implies consent to be included on these spreadsheets. No information contained on such spreadsheets will be used for any purpose other than those listed in paragraph 1. Use by any staff or board member for any other purpose is strictly prohibited; unauthorized use by a consultant will be grounds for immediate termination of the consulting relationship.

3. Sharing Information

Tibetan Aid Project will not share any information about our donors with third parties, except when legally required to do so. For this purpose, “third parties” refers to any organization not affiliated with the Tibetan Nyingma Meditation Center (TNMC). With a reasonable cause, Tibetan Aid Project may share information with directly related TNMC organizations, including: Dharma Mudranalaya, Head Lama of the Tibetan Nyingmapa Meditation Center, Nyingma Centers, the Nyingma Institute, Odiyan, Ratna Ling, and Yeshe De. A donor may request for his or her information not to be shared with other TNMC organizations, and Tibetan Aid Project will honor all such requests.

Tibetan Aid Project staff members will not discuss the donation history or other personal information of any Tibetan Aid Project donor for any purpose not directly related to Tibetan Aid Project operations and activities. This information is to remain completely confidential.

4. Donor Acknowledgement

In order to recognize those who have supported our organization, the Tibetan Aid Project will begin publishing the names of its supporters in its Spring 2009 newsletter. A donor may opt out of being included in this listing by contacting the TAP office at 510-848-4238 (800-338-4238) or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Donors who have opted-out will appear as “anonymous.”

5. Taste & Tribute Donors (chefs, wineries, auction donors, etc.)

By donating auction items, wine, or other in kind donations to Taste & Tribute, a company or individual implies consent to be included on all Taste & Tribute promotional materials, including press releases, invitations, dinner programs, auction preview brochures, auction programs, and signage at the event, as well as Tibetan Aid Project newsletters and campaign letters.

Tibetan Aid Project includes these supporters in printed materials in order to acknowledge and thank them for their contributions. Any donor wishing not to be listed or acknowledged may waive this benefit by contacting the TAP office.

6. Opting out

Donors have the right to view, correct, or update their personal information. Tibetan Aid Project will comply with any requests to remove personal information from our database. Individuals may also choose to opt out of any fundraising mailings.

Please note that an individual may still receive email or mail from the Tibetan Aid Project even after he or she requests removal from our mailing list, in the following circumstances:

a. To acknowledge receipt of a donation.

b. To update him or her on a change in policy.

c. To ask for clarification about a donation or purchase.

d. In other reasonable circumstances.

6. Changes to the Privacy Policy

Tibetan Aid Project will notify donors of any significant changes to the privacy policy. Changes will be indicated on our website and in all communications acknowledging a donation.

For other questions regarding privacy, please contact Executive Director Rosalyn White at (510) 848-4238 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



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