Become a major donor to our Community of a Thousand Blessings Campaign by pledging $30 a month, or a dollar a day, as a contribution. Over three years, you will donate a total of $1,080.

Light A Candle

When you join, you will receive a brass butter lamp and a starting supply of candles. Each day, you can light a candle, either as part of your daily practice or at any other special time. You may want to dedicate your act of giving to bringing peace to all beings. Dozens of community members will be making the same wish and contributing toward the same goal. The butterlamps pictured below represent this dedication.

Members of the Community of a Thousand Blessings

By becoming a member, you may choose to have your name, or the name of an honored loved one, posted on this website. Members may also give anonymously. Each time a new member joins, a butter lamp is lit in his or her name.

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Paula Adams in honor of loving friends & patient teachers
Terry Adams
Association for the Preservation of Tibetan Culture
David Ayster
Melissa Bailey
Jared & Michelle Baird
Tom & Andi Bernstein
Kyra Bobinet
Virginia Bronson in honor of Arnaud Maitland
Aimee Carroll in honor of Saurin Sunny Shine
Lu & Richard Carter
Richard & Lois Carter
Robin & Curtis Caton
Suzanne & Robert Chute
Patricia Clemens
Betty Cook in honor of Francis Cook
Paul & Lorraine Cooper
Linda Copenhagen
Magda Costa in honor of Humberto Jose de Almeida Costa and Maria Elsa Andriolo Costa, and all animals that are killed for human consumption
Kathleen Daly
Sheila DeSpain in honor of Joe
Perry Dexter
.. . Dieter Dolata
Harriet Dopkin & Steve Montgomery in honor of Lois & Ansel Montgomery
Bob Dozor & Ellen Barnett
Kathleen Dunn
Kyle Engelbert
Nancy Eubel
Bill Farthing
Andrew Feeney
Katherine Feig
Allan C. Fix in honor of Sylvia Gretchen

Bob & Dori Grant

Robert L. Grant

Kay Gretchen
Mark Henderson
Robert Jaramillo in honor of Troy Z. Jaramillo & Anne O. Jaramillo
Bobby Jones
. . Kornelia Kampling
Judith Katz
Roger & Mariette Kennedy
Skip Jirrels & Pam Koppel
John Klein
Sharon Knies
. . Werner Kubny
Joy Kutaka-Kennedy
Angela Lackey & Alan Olson
James Lamb
Scott & Marie Leary
Scott Leebrick
Susan Lemieux
Elaine Levine & Rhoberta Hirter
Eva Lindholm
Linda Lorenzen
Nicklaus Lorenzen
Peter Machemer
Iris Maitland
Laurent & Cathinka Manrique
Nancy Martin
Eileen McEntyre
Jim & Anita McNulty
Connie Meaney
Brian Mills
Margaret Mitchell in honor of Svetlana Petkova, Daisy Haberstich-Scholer, Peter Scholer, Pauline Kuiper, Huib & Miek van Schelven, Maria Gaiotto, Osvaldo Gaiotto and Lucia Gaiotto
Donna Morton in honor of Doris & Ronald Morton
Claudio Naranjo
Elizabeth Nguyen
. . Klaus Noldes and Kum Nye Group Münster
Doug & Toni Nurnberg
Shirley O'Key
Robyn Brode Orsini
Jack Petranker
Santosh Philip
Christine Pielenz
.. .Roland Walter
Dianne Powers Wright
Steve Randall
Paula Rozin
Terry Ryder
Carey Sakai
Lorri Lee Semisch in honor of Richard S. H. Lee
Saurin Sunny Shine in honor of Aimee Carroll & Peter Crawford
Janet Smith in honor of Kevin Smith
Colleen Gilmore Stone in honor of Karen Gilmore Egan Gorndt
Katie Storli
Eddie Tan
Michelle & Roger Teal
Christopher Tilley
Lesley Tinker
. . Dagmar Traub
Yolanda Vazquez and Yoga for a Cause
Robert Vibat
Linda Wellner in honor of Pema Gellek & Lama Palzang
Rosalyn White in honor of Dorothy White
Paola Zamperini
Susan Zimmerman
Ivan Lund
Raymond E. Mathieu
Anonymous - Holland
Anonymous - Holland
Anonymous - Holland
Anonymous - Holland
Anonymous - Holland
Anonymous - USA
Anonymous - USA