Travel to Nepal

December 9 - 21, 2014

The Tibetan Aid Project works to preserve and support Tibetan spiritual and cultural heritage, which is in danger of being lost forever. To do this TAP organizes various projects which benefit this cause, for the benefit of the Tibetan people and all participants. This year Tibetan Aid Project Netherlands is planning the International Kathmandu Buddhist Power Places Journey.

Traveling to Nepal you will experience a crossroads of religion, culture, and geography. Located along the greatest heights of the Himalayas, Nepal is home to a world-class artistic and architectural heritage. Hinduism thrives in the southern region, while Buddhism flows across the northern border of the Tibetan Plateau. Many Tibetan monasteries have been built in Nepal since 1959, adding to its rich and varied cultural mosaic. By exploring sacred sights and destinations in Nepal you can help to preserve Tibetan spiritual and cultural heritage and help to preserve it for generations to come.

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    Destinations include:

    • Kathmandu city
    • Cave of Padmasambhava
    • The Stupa of Swayambhu
    • The Sankhu Vajrayogini temple
    • The Stupa of Boudhanath
    • The Pashupatinath temple
    • Arya Ghat, Patan, Nagarjun Hill
    • Stupa on Jamcho Peak
    • Nyingma Shechen monastery
    • Traditional Sacred Art School
    • Devigath
    • Trisuli
    • Daman
    • Pharping
    • Nagi Gompa
    • Tibetan nunnery of Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche
    • Tibetan monastery of Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche and much more.

    The Trip to Nepal includes stays at:

    • The Gompa Guest House (6 nights)
    • Daman Everest Panorama Hotel (1 night)
    • Nuwakot Farm House (1 night)
    • Some meals
    • Entrance fees for major tourist places
    • Private transportation for the entire trip and more.


    • The overall cost will be between $1195.00-$610.00 depending on how many people sign up. $500 per person of the total cost being donated directly to the Tibetan Aid Project's mission. The more participants the cheaper the trip becomes so tell your friends!

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